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Welcome to the home of the Flametiger

First off I would like to say that this website is a work in progress and the site is subject to change.

The plan is for the Front Page to explain what this site is and show what is new / popular in the shop and/or the forum.

When the Shop is done it will of course contain things that I have made and am willing to sell to people.

When the Forum is done it will contain different subforums for my products and a couple of other forums as well, where people will be able to talk about the products and maybe make suggestions.

When the Portfolio Page is done it will hold everything I have made, except for things that I am selling in the shop.

CV & Diplomas will like the name suggests contain my personal Curriculum Vitae and images of my different diplomas.

On the About Page there will be info about me along with a contact form if you feel like leaving me a message.

Again thanks for checking in and I hope you will be back to check on the website in the future.